Transform Big Data into Big Discovery.

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We Build Solutions that Transform Big Data into Big Discovery...

Every organization today is overflowing with data, but very few have the tools or knowledge to make that information truly valuable.

That's where we come in. Branchbird helps companies make meaningful and insightful discoveries hidden deep within their data by building cutting-edge, intuitive applications. With these applications in hand, our customers can make the kinds of informed decisions that unlock the true potential of their business.

  • Providers need to understand the "why" behind the "what"...

    Discovery in Healthcare

    Today's providers are realizing the need to analyze both structured AND unstructured data to gain a complete picture of their clinical outcomes. See a demo of a real-world Branchbird data discovery solution. Let us guide you to cost effective information discovery applications with huge ROI.

  • Learn what separates Branchbird from the pack in Oracle's...

    Latest PartnerCast featuring Branchbird

    Branchbird President Andrew Oh joins Oracle in studio to discuss Branchbird's expertise as well as a some recent success stories.

  • Don't settle for out-of-the-box charts. Let your data tell the best story possible leveraging Branchbird's...

    Advanced Visualization Framework

    Our framework extends Endeca Studio to easily incorporate the visualization best suited for your data and users.

    Learn to configure a new visualization in minutes »
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